Stream of Awareness Writing 2017-12-17

(At the Jewish Community Center near the Exercise Studio.)

I don't know the name of it. Carla. Me me momma me me momma. You got it. All these guys. Monica. Dammit. I am going to wear one. We need a ho. Where's mommy? What's that? This is the exercise class. I run away.

Hahahaha. I love that. Out of the way. The people raise and lower their legs while lying on their backs. They call it exercise. All right. Ten. Wendy. We're going to go out front. Then we've got to go eat that. I don't want to. Christina. Blaaah. Are you ready? Then we're going to meet daddy. Ok go get it. The woman puts on her purple-pink shoes. Hi David. David ignores me. She ties her left shoe. She holds her head with her fingertips and puts her fists to her mouth. His real name. Your first name? I don't know. They turned the lights off to stretch. Because. Oh, yeah. Bye!

The woman reads her email on a cell phone. It makes sense. The woman gives me a sour look and walks to the left. It is machine language. The child cries and cries. The Chinese man looks down and walks by. You got it. Afro-America. Whining in the background. Whoops! The people stand up like zombies. They stretch their arms They bend over and wag their upper bodies left and right. The woman is flicking her cell phone and just put it away.

The exercisers are making obscene motions like waves through their bodies. It's like I'm not supposed to watch them doing that. Oooh, they look so hot walking that way from behind. They're coming out nice and healthy.

It's ok. Fart. You too. Finish it. Basketball. No no. He thought you already left to India. Ok. I'll see you tomorrow. I think so. Yeah, sure. Vagina region of the body is emphasized somehow. The light turns on. Hi. The people run away. Canada. The boy streams with his right hand like superhero man past to the left. 9 O'clock. The next class starts. The woman didn't drink much water from her bottle.