Stream of Awareness Writing 2017-12-16

(Near my Mom's room while she's watching TV.)

Made to last night after night. And throw it away. It's important for kids to read. No parent wants his or her child to become afraid of the dark. $19.95. The perfect gift that kid love. Dot com. Lookin good in here! Dot com.

I need my blood sugar to stay in control. Longer than 24 hours. A1C Hello. Any time. Eight hours. With or without refrigeration. The most common side effect is low blood sugar. At home. All your medical conditions. Extreme embarrassment. Flute music. Knock knock. It's you again.

Eh? Sure. Ha ha. Your mom says I have to share mine. Do you know you're 11? How do you spell those? I'm sorry. Punishment. Phone rings. Hello? Can I do tai chi? Coughing. Emily! Emily! What are you up to? What can I do for you? You're really sweet. I'm not sure. Oh that. Aren't you going to eat this?

Door opens. Don't you. Too old. Car bell. Shhh. Listen. I promise. The elevators. Deal. Dear Santa. Los Angeles. Okay. Oh, yeah, sorry about that. Noooo. Door closes. Embarrassed. Father's. All see you around.

That doesn't mean I can't fart anymore. The MP-3 player. One day. I have so much to do. The car. Stay with you. I don't have time. Uh. I can't hear it. Back to school. Look, Jack. Uh. It's a new job. No. I don't know. Responsible. Closet door is stuck.