Stream of Awareness Writing 2017-12-15

(At the Jewish Community Center near the Childcare Room.)

Awareness of awareness. The door closes. Awareness of awareness. The Sage wants a baby. We don't believe you said something. Awareness of awareness. The children scream as they play. Awareness of awareness. All staff and everyone are invited to come to the candle lighting in the lobby. Looking forward to seeing you there.

The lights make a humming sound. Caffeine makes my knees sore right away. Baking soda relieves the pain. Oh, my God. It's really heavy.

J. Care. The ashamed woman looks down. You can't. Thank you. Please wait. I have a shell necklace. Happy birthday. Raise your hand. Get inside. Thank you, Yahme. I know. She's gone. Hi. Hey. How are you. You lost it. Happy birthday. Last year. Not me first. This is not very good. We lost it.

Last year, man. You are kidding. Oh, the elephants. A can drops. The black people. Look different. Right now. A can drops. Arrows. Arrows. You look like a walking problem. Indifferent. Monday. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Stop. Hi. Look. Look. Look. Oh my God. Yeah. No. Hello. Water.