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Yi (mind), Qi (energy), Jing (body) as vectors


"the total units of something leaving an imaginary closed surface at an instant"

qi flux

"the total units of qi leaving an imaginary closed surface at an instant"

            qi flux = 0
            then I drink green tea
                        qi flux = 0
                        integral(qi times dA) = 0
                        total qi movement increases
                        integral( abs(qi times dA) ) increases


qi is a vector in space
qi field is a vector field

to change a qi vector I can use my mind
my mind doesn't extend like a vector
but it has direction and amount
so it is a vector


so for a qi vector

            qi = qi + yi * permittivity

but the tea also changes the qi vector so

            qi = qi + yi * permittivity + jing

where jing is a vector of my physical body at that point.

The environment of souls or sounds I hear and feelings I get from others influences my mind, so

            yi = yi + influencability * environment

It could be that my mind is going all outward or all inward at one time
            except that it seems to be going out toward light and in from darkness (say, behind me)
            at any time

            yi flux = ?

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