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Difference between Physics and Feelings

Make space into a grid; see what comes through the openings.
Analyze nature into waves; listen to the voice speaking them.

I feel that point-like particles in physics, each with one or more fields associated with it, are close in conception to people as 'particles' with 'feeling-fields.' The gravity field (Earth's) feels simple; human fields oscillate when I feel them. This table may help you separate differences.

concept in stillness in motion with two
point x, y, z time, velocity distance d
particle mass, charge momentum, spin force, energy

field (physics)

gravity, electric, magnetic fields

'light cone' of what interactions are possible

superposition (sum or difference) or interaction (such as electric and magnetic fields)

object a thing a blur functional synergy
person an image a gesture conversation (verbal or nonverbal)
field (feeling) a feeling a sensation interpenetration / difficult to describe interaction

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