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Felt Energies as Particles in my Body Box

My experience of my thoughts and feelings bouncing off of my mental walls seems close to the movement of quantum physics waves constrained to a well-shaped area. Quantum waves travel back and forth, and have a changing probability of being at a particular point within the well. You may experience something similar.

Energies in my body seem to be wave-like, and they also seem distinguishable at different areas between my head and feet. When I'm next to someone, an energy from one of his or her levels can come into one of mine, and I can feel it. In quantum tunnelling, an electron in a well can bounce off a thin wall, but has a small chance of passing through.


quantum physics

particles in a box

human body

energy state n=1,


energy state n=2,


quantum tunneling
human energy quantum tunneling at chest height (the energy changes between levels 1 and 2 in each chest alternately)
thinking one syllable per heartbeat
internal energy while I'm interacting physically with the environment

Walking: animation of Chi leading Limbs

Tai Chi: illustration of Im peak leading Re peak



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