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Kinds of Oscillators

For me, the idea of vibration (like a mass oscillating on a spring) can be scaled up all the way to the oscillations between me and the Higher Power. A principle is a principle. You may find similarities also, even though the numerical accuracy of the frequencies proposed below may be hard to swallow.

type 2 energies
pendulum potential pull & kinetic push
mass-spring electron-proton pull & electron-electron push
tuning circuit electromagnetic field pull and push
Self to Body desires cooperating with physical abilities
Person to Person personal impulses <--> personal responses
Higher Power to Ego Spiritual Feeling pull & Self Protection push


type Frequency
pendulum 1/2pi (g / l) ^ 0.5
mass-spring 1/2pi (s / m) ^ 0.5
tuning circuit 1/2pi (elastance / L) ^ 0.5
Self to Body 1/2pi (stiffness / inertia ) ^ 0.5
Person to Person 1/2pi (bossiness / reluctance ) ^ 0.5
Higher Power to Ego 1/2pi (insistence / impertinence ) ^ 0.5

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