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Mnemonics for Laws/Experiences with Justifications

Newton's Laws of Motion
mnemonic Law experience justification
N1 inertia unless I am forced, I do the same thing I see/feel no reason why not
N2 f-vector = m a-vector I move in the direction I am pushed psychological or physical, pushes do the same thing
N3 existence of opposite force

if I like you, you like me (in some way)

if I dislike you, you dislike me (in some way)

I am not alone in the world, and my pushes and pulls on objects physically and psychologically affect the other person/object.


Buddha's Noble Truths
mnemonic Law experience justification
NT1 suffering I experience suffering if I examine myself, some part at some level hurts.
NT2 desire causes suffering I want something to be different the inner tension of trying to change something causes some degree of discomfort.
NT3 end of suffering I feel less bad when I stop wanting when I stop trying to change something, the tension stops
NT4 eightfold path the first three experiences are part of a good process the Buddha outlined the complete process


Carnot Cycle
mnemonic phase experience justification


(A to B)

expansion at same temp. I move with intention my intention is like the heat, Q, which is added to "the system," me.


(B to C)

expansion with cooling I complete the movement, but my intention has waned no more intention has been added, so I cool off as I push-and-expand.


(C to D)

compression at same temp. a task has been placed on me, and I know how to handle it the task puts me under some pressure, but I am cool (- heat, - Q) because of stored knowledge


(D to A)

compression with heating the task increases, and I am not sure how to go about it the increased task pressures me more, and my internal heat increases as I look for ways to handle the workload


Laws of ‘Wienerschnitzel’ (showing off)
mnemonic experience explanation


be confused confusion is the root of new order


I am better than you one-upmanship springs eternal


everybody loves a wieinerschnitzel, but it doesn't help the wienerschnitzel if you try to act big, it doesn't really help you


shut the door showing off is unsustainable

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