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Meditation Definition

To meditate is to study the self
To study the self is to study physics
Why? Because the self is physical. A field, something moving, but still physical
To study physics is to study the fundamental measurables: length, mass, time, temperature, and electric current

Length: In my body, bones have the most constant length; my femur is the longest, my middle ear bones the shortest
Matter: my body weighs 56kg. without it, I would not be here. What I call 'I' has energy, though it may be small, relativistic
Time: the body's most consistent audible timepiece is the heart. My syllables keep time with it. I relate myself to my inner syllables.
Temperature: my core (also ears, anus, sublingual) is 98.6 F or 310K

Current: Without moving electrons (the ions in my nerves) I would not notice anything. Brain cells fire at rates proportional to brainwave frequency. So there is more of me in Beta, less in Alpha, less in Delta, less in Theta. In Theta I have dreams and cannot study myself. In Delta I am losing consciousness.

I want to reduce the current that comprises me while still maintaining awareness of myself. So I want Alpha brainwaves and little noise. If I have to think to myself to stay aware of myself, that's ok as long as I'm coherent. Moving against psychic fields pushes them and increases my electric current.

Reducing my electric current while maintaining awareness of myself is meditation.

Guide to the Nothing Special Meditation Posture

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