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Grounding in Physics, Psychics, Tai Chi, Society, and myself

The purpose of grounding in any discipline is to complete a movement so that the next cycle can happen. It always involves the earth, whether conceived of as atoms, spirit, or dirt.

Discipline (Field) Purpose Process Picture
Physics Discharge excess electrons Connect a wire from a circuit element to the earth
Psychics Release foreign energies from your system Imagine a line from tailbone to center of planet
Tai Chi Chuan (Martial Arts) Prepare body to push, punch, or kick Sink into the weighted leg and relax muscles on that side of the body.
Society To calm a person's energy so they can start a new activity Hang out with onesself or a friend

Coming Down, or grounding myself, in various situations at various times seems to be one of my primary activities. The table below summarizes some ways I do this.

Ways I've come down
Number Discipline Brief Description Facilitator
1 staring stare until the spinning stops body
2 chattiness think "NO" down to myself parents
3 egotism internal self insult lightheartedness
4 sexuality masturbation visualization
5 workforce schizophrenia psychic meditation overload
6 delimma assent with closest overheard remark Psychic Awareness Training at BPI
7 reading one syllable per heartbeat schizophrenic voices
8 finish the minute wait for the minute hand to change schizophrenic voices
9 graphic arts self publication internal desire
10 computer work walk across room and back to chair each 15 min. computer announces time
11 tai chi chuan what does this mean desire not to hurt
12 wuji posture emptiness stance tai chi instructor
13 personal energy lie down; stretch muscles around each joint and inner articulation; do muscle toning exercises tai chi silk reeling exercises + back straigtening on floor
14 personal problems I Ching Brian Browne Walker I Ching app
15 biopsychology coffee; coffee; tea; tea; pepermint tea; water; water trying to be good at taking drugs
16 breathing 5 heartbeats inbreath; 5 hearbeats hold; 5 heartbeats outbreath; 5 hearbeats hold Universal Breathing iOS app
17 quick downward intentions quick down steps walking Mind Body Awareness Tool iOS app
18 sitting meditation butt on floor what is meditation? stop the pain
19 stubbornness binaural beats 75hz ... 1hz Binaural Beats iOS app
20 social situations not finishing a conversation desire to end by not ending
21 jammed energy wait 'till later my father

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