Kevin Wacknov's Insights Notes

Abstracting the controllable parts of my body and spirit led to this checklist of how to calm myself.

Forces and Signals on the Still Body
depth to be perfectly calm, what needs to happen acceleration Sum(Forces) Sum(Signals)
0. exterior body

no bodies are pushing mine

0 0 photons, air motion, ground motion, skin touches
1. bones joints (angles) between bones don't change 0 Sum(Torques)=0 ?
2. muscles try to minimize opposing (antagonistic) muscles' forces 0


signals are from my spirit
3. spirit

a) perfectly resist each signal, or

b) move in a little circle from signal's 'push' and return

> 0 if Sum(Signals) >0

? signals are from my muscles, organs, and the spiratmosphere
4. spiratmosphere

a) don't accelerate the flow of the spiratmosphere wind

b) try to minimize my opposition to the spiratmosphere wind

> 0 if Sum(Signals) > 0

? signals are from my spirit and other spirits

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