Kevin Wacknov's Insights Notes

Equations with Metaphorical Realities

These equations have, for me, physical-feeling counterparts in reality.

Kevin's table of equations
Objective Situation; Subjective Situation equation standard definitions of variables physics meaning; metaphor meaning
thermodynamics; body sensation W = V times delta P w=work; p=pressure; v=volume work: F times D; meaning. pressure: F times A; intensity. volume: L times L times L; region
electric flux; awareness density F = integral (E vec times Area) F=flux;
E=field vector; A=area
flux: per unit time, flow in or out
total energy; percieved potential + MindBody kinetic energy E = V + T

V=potential energy;
T=kinetic energy

energy: F times D; intention. potential energy: 1/2 K times X times X; possibility. kinetic energy: 1/2 times M times V times V; movement energy
matter wave probability; probability of experiencing myself P = sqrt of Psi of x, t times compl. conj. Psi of x, t P=probability;
Psi=complex matter wave
probability: times observed div opportunities; likeliness. matter wave: object; observer
superposition of light or sound waves; sum of two people's vibrations S = A times sine (k times x plus omega times t plus phi) plus B times sine (k2 times x plus omega2 times t plus phi2)

sine=opposite div radius;
k=waves per x;
omega=waves per t;
phi=initial angle

superposition: sum of waves; confusion
thermodynamic heat; pressure I put on myself Q = 3/2 times n times R times T Q=heat;
R=joules per mol per deg Kelvin
heat: energy; intensity
physics energy; life force energy

E = abs val (F times D);
I vec= F times D

I=intention vector;
F=M times A vec;
energy: work; effort. intention: directed energy; chi

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