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Four Definitions of Energy

Energy is a central concept in the classes I've taken. Different words have different meanings to different people. You will know some of the meanings below, and others, too.

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Physics Energy (E = Force * Distance)

These types of energies can be calculated numerically. Not pictured: relativistic energies, and dark energy (which continually increases the metric of all space).

Traditional Chinese Medicine Energy (Chi along a meridian)

One type of Chi in TCM moves along a channel near the skin. Acupuncture eases its movement.

Psychic Energy (Spiritual Movement Patterns)

These types of energies can be performed mostly with the mind.

The locations of these patterns can be pointed to in your own body while you do them, but their existence is like a localized cloud.

Tai Chi Energy (Animals' Characteristic Movements)

These energies are more like what most animals do with their bodies. Doing these requires that you copy how you think the animal feels inside. Think of a Dragon as the ultimate reptile; think of a Tiger as the ultimate cat.

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