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The body has at least four types of physical and spiritual energy release, each with unique characteristics. They manifest in various situations.

Four Rates of Energy Release
  waterfall release pushing through resistance oscillating (spring) release explosive release
mathematical model


Energy constant

I = V / R


Energy like sin(t)

blast wave

Energy has a blowing out then a negative "sucking" phase

requirement smoothness pressure strength coordination
mechanics weight drive heart pumping blood pendulum explosion
electrical engineering ground connection current through a resistor generator (AC current) spark (voltage spike)
spiritual energy letting go pushing back a destructive idea conversing with your spirit guide spark of inspiration


reasoning to a conclusion a proof

rational debating

emotional thought


lowering your arms holding a heavy weight

lifting a heavy weight

shifting side to side


a coordinated punch
two-person Tai Chi practice practicing until your energy runs out push hands with resistance gentle back-and-forth push hands fa jing
social setting event progresses from set-up to clean-up overcoming stigma conversation




complex carbohydrades

balanced diet

skipping a meal small meals with healthy snacks inbetween

soft drinks, candy


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