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There seem to be 10 distinct "layers" to my bodymind, each with primary healing modalities.

10 Human Layers
what your awareness is touching layer description image Healing activity based on this layer Who lives here?
external imagined situation what you imagine is going on outside of your immediate vision/hearing/skin touch



Barack Obama

Albert Einstein

external chi immediate social environment socializing


normal touching skin/senses




moving / stopping muscles walking Thich Nhat Hanh
structure bones zhan zhuang Mark Cohen
7 frequencies chakras mudra meditation

Gertrud Hirschi

5 points on a circle internal organs / body cavities

six healing sounds meditation

acupuncture / herbs

Wee Peng Ho

Dr. Alex Lau

internal qi movement central / left / right chi channels; "is it going up or down?" tai chi chuan

Master Tony Wong

Stuart Arthur Heller

3 points on a line dantians

Upper DT: Berkeley Psychic Institue, Monroe Institute

Middle DT: Buddhism

Lower DT: Tai Chi Chuan, Buddhism

Keith Wiley

Marlon Bishop

Cai Song Fang





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