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Electrical engineers use water as a metaphor for electric current, and Tai Chi instructors compare chi (the life force) to water; this is a table of correspondences. Thanks to Wikipedia for the images.

Electronics and Water Metaphors for Chi

circuit element

wikipedia image chi
tai chi classics
wire I1 = I2 + I3 pipe channel Energy is rooted in the foot, developed by the legs, directed by the waist, and manifested in the hands and fingers.
resistor hair in pipe tension Never force anything
inductor turbine overcoming hesitation The more you practice, the easier it becomes.
capacitor rubber membrane coiled spring I am like a coiled spring; I am like a drawn bow.
transistor pressure actuated valve alternating soft flow with fa jing two ounces can redirect 1000 pounds
diode   one-way valve arrow of time There's no going back.
generator   pump yin-yang oscillation (voltage) first you go left, then you go right
resonant frequency (LC circuit)       Everyone's Yin and Yang energy is personal and slightly different.

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