Kevin Wacknov's Insights Notes

More specific table...

Work make money
Qi Gong make chi
Tai Chi Chuan self defense; harmony; can be practiced alone
Aikido self defense; harmony; need a partner to practice
Yi Jin Jing muscle + tendon stretching
Yoga stretching in preparation for meditation
Meditation study the self
Psychotherapy behavior change
Psychiatry behavior change, drug mediated
Astrology, Numerology, I Ching precognition about optimal behaviors
Physics gain leverage over the physical world
Religion try to listen to God

More general table...

BODY SYSTEM Human Activity Correspondance
Skeletal System 14+3 Energy Sphere (Meditation)
Muscular System Lifting weights
Nervous System Scientific thinking
Lymphatic System Martial arts
Circulatory System Cutting corners
Respiratory System Oscillating activities
Urinary System Bathroom activities
Digestive System Household materials
Reproductive System Institution of Marriage
Endocrine System Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll

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