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Communication Axes for Interpersonal Oscillations

When two people communicate, a lot is going on. There is a lot of vibration in different ways. This table points out some of the 'axes', or co-existing oscillations, that happen.

Variable Image Axis Oscillation Mantra
1 being / nonbeing The whole field (in this case, the square and circular awareness centers) oscillates between presence and absence. In the image they're currently absent. I feel I was gone ... now I feel present.
2 picture / word Within each person, and between the interacting couple, the awareness oscillates between pictures (right hemisphere) and words ( left hemisphere). I see a picture ... I know a word.
3 going with the flow / knowing what you know When attention is between anus and genitals (called perineum), you allow the body's physical and spiritual flows to happen. When attention is focused on the crown, you know what you know.

With awareness down low, I go with the flow.

With awareness at Crown, I know I'll be found.


you're 1% more important / I'm 1% more important During the course of conversation, the awareness field flux changes so first most of the charge is in your space, then I become in charge, then you... Now you matter more ... now I matter more.

Benefits of practicing this: joy of following an oscillation, concentration, allowing yourself to play.

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