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Brain Body Patterns at different Beats

A good app to test these frequencies out and hold them in your space is the Binaural Beats iOS app.

frequency Hz (hurts) activity body focus examples focusing mudra holding mantra
5 exercise legs tai chi ball, stretching thumb to pinky "5 hurts; 5 hurts; 5 hurts..."
7 reading physics imagination reading a textbook   "7 hurts; 7 hurts; 7 hurts..."
10 getting things done abdomen walking, shopping, driving thumb to ring finger "10 hurts; 10 hurts; 10 hurts..."
15 emoting chest writing romantic poetry, philosophising, talking thumb to middle finger "15 hurts; 15 hurts; 15 hurts..."
20 thinking head clever ideas, inspiration, getting others' interest thumb to pointer finger (Cosmic Mudra) "20 hurts; 20 hurts; 20 hurts..."
23 clearing out negativity plans Loving Kindness Meditation, thinking about past wrongs, thinking about future plots "23 hurts; 23 hurts; 23 hurts..."

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