Kevin Wacknov's Insights Notes

FieldMaster Equations

I lightly call the Field Master the oneness governing the whole experience field; the Field Master may or may not have an interactive personality.

Freudian Psychology

Projection: I project onto you attributes of my father.

New Age Psychology

How I treat the world is how I treat myself. (affirmation: "I do not need to pick and prod at blemishes.") (F=-F, T=-T)

Changes to my inner patterns I also make to the outside world.

Kahuna Psychology

Things get done in the world because the thought process children decided in advance it should and will get done. The body cooperates with the mind because of talk on an internal level. Everything I thought in the past I still think.

Objective Laws

Physics. F=ma, Torque=Moment of Inertia * Alpha, etc.

Field Master's Equations for Communication to People

I don't know what this is, but it seems like something can be said about this.

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