Kevin Wacknov

My parents brought us to California, then I did math, herbs, Stanford, therapy, work, psychics, schizophrenia, tai chi, teaching, and spirit guides.

A quick method for accessing your deep information: drink a cup of coffee (or tea), shut your eyes, and for 10 minutes think the mantra, "What does the energy in that cup of coffee (or tea) want me to do now?"

A smoother method for improving your life is shown in this video:


My favourite app for well-being is A Body Meditation. It helps you wake up your body, get mindful exercise, and relax.

My most popular video to relieve soreness in muscles, tendons, and joints is the Yi Jing Jing animation. Doing this nearly every day keeps the body stiffness away.

My favourite video meditation for mental clarity, guilt relief, and finding purpose in life is the Villy Doctor Chakra Meditation. The meditation is taught by Shiraz at the Foster City Library once a week.