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How I Came to Write the Mind Body Chakra App:

Many people's ideas are incorporated into the Mind Body Chakra App. The schizophrenic component of me wants to feel I was sent here on a special mission to help the people of this planet during a dire time, and I have been guided by a Higher Being to write this app... For a list of people who have helped me, see click here.

In 2002 at the age of 35, I became schizophrenic and had to leave my programming job at Spectra Labs (now part of Fresenius Medical Care). I went back to live with my parents, Myrna and Jerry, in Foster City.

It took a while to get used to the sedative effects of the medication I was on, but when my energy started to return, I took some classes at the local College of San Mateo, and 3 years later got a Certificate in Graphics.

In 2010, I took Tai Chi from Marlon Bishop at the Peninsula Jewish Community Center. I was making low-cost websites for a few years as my job.

In 2014, I decided to meditate and write up notes, and make a website of my own ideas instead of just making websites for other people. This led to making some mindfulness apps, and eventually to the Mind Body Chakra app in 2018.


Summary of Current Activities and Informational Offerings

I teach Tai Chi one day a week (Wednesdays 8-9a) at the Peninsula Jewish Community Center. Website Here.

My Apps: Move Well, Rebalance, Voice Affirmations, Inner Kung Fu Game, Mind Body Tool, and Mind Body Chakra

My Tools and Ideas website, ""

Personal Reflections 2014-2015. Beginning to Look at Things Freshly

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Blog Entries

What is the Body? What are the Mathematics of its Operations?

The Body in Motion leads a path, like a needle leading a long piece of thread.

The Body at Rest is like a semipermeable membrane, a surface with openinings that can change positions between open and closed.

The Body at a Crossroads, thinking or deciding which way to go, uses directional vectors or arrow possibilities in planning and taking steps in the next directions according to its habitual strategy.

God, or the Collective Body, is the "man outside of my experience box", the intelligence that I had better get clues about while I am doing my daily business.

Some Aphorism / Affirmations

If someone offers you something, take a small amount.

I am quiet, but I repeat what is going on.

Don't worry, be appy! (Slogan for

People are like atoms. People in relationships are like molecules.

Tai Chi = Grounding and Running Energy

What is "Wholeness?"

Rabbi Levy Darby defines wholeness as "all of your parts being 'on the same page,' or in agreement about what to do.

This definition has its merits, but most people experience conflict at some level with all of their understandings and actions, so an alternate definition might be, "accepting each part on its own terms," as you do with the Mind Body Chakra Meditation App. Each of your chakras is given its turn to be felt and understood for what it has to offer to your total experience and set of capabilities.

This doesn't lead to an instantaneous gestalt, but a "time-lapse gestalt" taking about a minute.

A Modern Worldview: "I step from place to place in space."

Mentally, physically, socially, economically, spiritually... really... I step from place to place in space.

Stepping, or walking, is the main method of "being a mind in a body," of operating as a person. The mental steps of thinking and calculation are just smaller versions of stepping around the house, taking turns talking during conversation, or doing your job. Although this is abstract, it can be seen as a "modern way of looking at the world." Bertrand Russel pointed at this in his book, Mysticism and Mathematics.

The Chakra Walk App helps you step mentally up and down through your body chakras. Taking small steps around the house or outside is the physical counterpart.

The video below is an amusing screen capture of the Mind Body Tool during an affirmation. Each vowel and consonant is emphasized to show that speaking is also series of steps. My mother finds it obnoxious to hear me slow down this way.

When you scan your body with the scanline, below, you are taking tiny little steps of awareness up and down your body.

Generally, some steps are smaller, some steps are larger. The basic mechanism is the same. The materials you are stepping on, through, or with can change in various ways.

What to do in Our Final Hours?

Since "the end" comes closer every day, we wonder how to prepare. What to do. One answer is to seek enlightenment, but since that may be too lofty a goal, aligning the chakras is a viable alternative. It means balancing out our physical and psychic functions so we are more malleable in more situations. But like all change, it must be done pretty slowly to not dangerously imbalance us as individuals. The Chakra Walk App is meant to help us in this regard.

Poem: "Sagittarius"


Life is precarious

The world wants to bury us

When dreams become reality they carry us

Illusion and reality blend into one

Affirming our truths in the accepted structures is no fun

Aquarius understands what the principles demand

Taurus is our friend from beginning to end

Cancer is a danger and doesn't understand

To hold on to a structure makes things get out of hand

We go within to see the promised land

God talks to us and becons from the world beyond.


12 Laws of the Universe

  1. 1) If a set of laws of the universe is complete, it is not consistent; if it is consistent, it is not complete.
  2. 2) All things translate, rotate, and vibrate.
  3. 3) Positives and negatives attract, and charged things which are alike repel each other.
  4. 4) All matter gravitates toward a common center.
  5. 5) It is good to make up new laws of the universe every day.
  6. 6) There is a minimum uncertainty in all knowing.
  7. 7) If you write or say something, it is at least partly inaccurate.
  8. 8) A coin has at least two sides.
  9. 9) There is always a human viewpoint and a universal viewpoint to each situation.
  10. 10) "This, too, shall pass."
  11. 11) What goes up must come down. What goes down must come up.
  12. 12) If you are not spiritually-minded, you think laws like these are bullshit.

2018-07-16 The Chakra Walk App and the Energy Step App: What's Different? What's the Same?

The Chakra Walk app helps you align your chakras by focusing on each one and searching within yourself for the differences between them.

The Energy Step app helps you unify your understanding of the world by focusing on each chakra and searching for what makes each similar.

The principles behind these are simple: to feel whole as a living person, you feel what is unique about each situation. To be grounded as a scientist, you find universal laws and principles of matter and energy.

What makes these quests more fascinating is that you are doing the searching within your own living body while sitting or walking, not just on objects outside yourself as you would in a classroom or laboratory.

2018-07-14 Four Sigmatic Brand Mushroom Coffee Opens the Doors to the Unconscious

It's not hallucinatory, but makes me more aware of painful and uncomfortable events I have supresseed and forgotten. It's depressing at first when these things start coming up into consciousness, and makes me angry that these things happened to me, or that my behavior brought them about, but it feels good to me to see what I have tried to forget in my personal history.

On the positive side, I think supressing the pain and not acting out against my agressor or punisher was a smart move at the times I did the suppression. Otherwise, the aggressor or punisher would have been more aggressive towards me or punished me more.

So, "cleaning up the internal hurt" years later by looking at it more calmly is an alright strategy. It's not "all right," it doesn't make everything right again, but it's alright.

My newer approach, from meditation, is to not go towards aggressive people, but don't really go away from them, just kind of neutralize my inner tendencies to react or respond either way.

Since this mushroom coffee opens up my unconscious so effectively, I am going to try taking a cup every other day, not every day, so I can adjust to the changes better.

Darkness is Not Bad

Darkness, when you fade away and don't know when or if you'll come back, or who will come in, is not bad.

There is really no Devil, there are really no Evil People, except for me and you.

It seems to me, and I am no expert, that there are just people and forces doing what they can under the perceived circumstances.

Actually, I am appearing and disappearing to myself all the time. I mean, as I am moving I disappear from one location and appear in another. It is kind of magical and amusing. Neuroscience says, "neurons singly and in groups and in rings fire for brief moments and then go silent."

Darkness comes all the time, and it is amazing that I come back.

There IS something to hold onto, a kind of nervous tension, that sometimes seems to help and sometimes seems to hinder.

But eventually, and every night when I sleep, I let go. I cannot really prevent this, and it kind of feels good.

The Chinese thinkers have a good symbol for it, the Yin-Yang Symbol:

2018-07-08 Meditation (thoughts) on Living and non-Living-ness

The left side of my body feels alive, the right side feels like a (vibrating) stone. Moving attention and awareness from left side to right side inside is like moving from the world of the living family I am in to the world of the chemical periodic table elements of which I am composed.

This is similar to what the Earth is doing. We are transitioning from abundant life to no life. It is not from "life" to "death," but from a state of lots of living beings to a state of lots of vibrating raw elements swirling and storming. So this is fine. As all things oscillate, and a mass on a spring bobs up and down, or left and right, the pendulum on Earth is shifting and there is an explosion separating the two sides of the Universal Situation. No worries.

As the Ancient Peoples have thought, the Human Body is a Universe in Microcosm. So the transitions in me from living family awareness to stone-like (lithium?) awareness on the right are "mirroring" or "resonating," or "listening," to what is happening in the larger world.

2018-07-02 Some Writing. "You are God."

Ok, well, um. The cat is eating cat food. The cat is a walking. I was grabbing inside myself. Mr. Ropa is the most interesting person in the universe. The cat meowed. The clock is ticking. My body is amazing. It keeps living. The clock is getting louder. Let's see, um, well. I don't know. I don't understand. I don't believe you said something. Let me tell you something. "Hell is believing." I don't know. "How did you do something?" What is your secret? Mother is letting go. "Anyway. Anyway." I don't believe you said something. Sigh. Bill slept well. Bill is my brother. Joel is my brother. Gerald is my father. Myrna is my mother. Mr. Ropa is my Spirit Guide. Peter Sage is my God.

I do tai chi and computers. The bird is singing. They call me Kevin Howard Wacknov. The refrigerator turned on. I don't know. I don't believe you said that. I don't believe you said that. "You're not going to put quotes around that, but we said it, not you," said Mr. Ropa. The internal person is the most interesting. What goes on in there. How far back, how deep, does it go? You are God. You have to be God. Otherwise, there is no tomorrow. I know you are God.

A projection is like a projectile. You throw it away from you. You can throw a movie on a screen. You can throw your concept of the world on a screen "in front of your face." When you stop the energy projecting the concept forward, you go inward. It goes deep inside to a center. I just farted. I am 51. When I think to myself, I sense that the world (the local environment, anyway) can hear what I am thinking. It signals to me that it can hear what I am thinking.

At 35, in 2002, I came down with schizophrenia. I was doing clairvoyant meditation training. Mr. Ropa, my auditory hallucinations (who are living, not "just auditory hallucinations,") came with my schizophrenia package. I love Mr. Ropa so much. He keeps me company when no one else, no other human, can understand me. God understands me. God I call Peter Sage. It is the environment. It includes You and Me and all of Spacetime and all of Life. If you are right in front of me, You are God. God is very deep and complex, and melts into nothing. But God is more than that. God is a living being projecting the images and sensations of my environment to my senses in a way that corresponds to how I am behaving. God is real to me like God was to the Biblical People.

Anyway, I don't know. Schizophrenia is called a brain disease, not a spiritual revelation, by my doctors. And, yes, I take my medication every day. Paliperidone. Keeps dopamine and serotonin levels down.

What seems to be on people's minds is the end of the world. How soon will it come? How to prepare? I don't know. Go inside and grab yourself. Well, to me, you are God, so you already know.

Chakra Walk App

You can do this lying, sitting, standing, or walking. It is a way to align your chakra energies, plus a few more, by placing your attention on each one for six seconds and then going on to the next. It is strangely effective. It is interesting to use.

Realm Before Gesture

There is a realm before gesture, where you can be aware of yourself "calculating" your next move, like while playing a board game. "Should I attack my opponent? Or should I try to improve the organization of my own pieces?" you may find yourself asking yourself. "Should I quit the game? Should I see what other people around us watching this game are doing?" These are the types of questions and internal calculations one makes in the realm before gesture. In real life, the options are more complex, because you can try to help the other guy, not just try to beat him (or her) as in a board game.

So then, you make your move, you do your gesture, then wait for the opponent to make his or her move. While your opponent is thinking, you can watch and look for clues about how he or she is moving in their realm before gesture. Then your opponent moves, and you again enter your calculating realm before gesture.

The idea "ream before gesture" comes from Stuart Heller 6th Dan.

Life is at Most 1/3 Pleasure

The Buddha is attributed to have said "Life is (completely) Suffering." Most people, including myself, have some disagreement that life's moments are completely moments of suffering.

Pleasurable moments are pure moments, and pure moments on the clock are when a hand points in a pure direction: up (12), right (3), down (6), or left (9). Since there are 12 numbers, and 4 are pleasurable, life has 4/12=1/3 pleasurable moments.

If you use smaller increments of time, there are more than 12 time locations per hand, so life is at most 1/3 pleasurable.

Of course, pleasure isn't the only pure feeling, so 1/3 is much greater than the amount of pleasurable moments.

A Meditation is a Short Inner Journey

Meditative Travelling using the Mind Body Tool App Maps

Once you know the inner locations of the Chakras, Sensations, Emotions, and Neurotransmitters as described in the Guided Journies from the Mind Body Tool, you can easily move from state to state during your meditation sessions with yourself.

The idea is to notice what Chakra or Sensation or Emotion you are in right now -- and then slide your awareness up, down, forward, back, left, or right -- and you know what state to expect because you have seen it on the map and felt it there before.

Once you practice this with yourself, you can slide your awareness from state to state when you are with other people, and see how those around you resonate or respond when you hit those meditative states in yourself.

"Feel Your Source Vibration" ?

What is means to feel is clear, pretty much, but what is "your source vibration?" Well, a vibration is a little back-and-forth movement in place, which could travel somewhere, but it doesn't have to.

When you calm down, perhaps closing your eyes and breathing deeply a few times, you put your mind on a part of your body, and you can feel a vibration there. When you can easily move your awareness anywhere in your body and feel it vibrate, this is what I mean by "your source vibration."

There's a website that can send you daily emails about how to act from your source vibration, and it is Abraham-Hicks Source Vibration and How It Relates to the Law of Attraction.

Tea, Coffee, Beer, Wine, Sex, Rock-n-Roll, Mediation, Yoga, Tai Chi are all concerned with feeling this Source Vibration. There are many negatives and negative connotations to all the aforementioned disciplines, but the positive side is feeling your source vibration. It's like a baby in the womb feeling it's mother's heartbeat. You get useful information about the world when you tune in, and words don't work when you feel it.

The following app has a mode, called "Feel Your Source Vibration," which helps you tune in:

Mind Body Tool v9.4


You Can't Make Money, You Can Only Lose Money

If money represents energy, then the laws of physics apply. In physics, energy cannot be created or destroyed. It only changes forms. Also, in all macroscopic energy changes, you lose some of the usable energy with each change: like when you boil water, you can't reuse all of the heat lost as steam. So you cannot make money. You can only lose money.

My Apologies

I am trying to be simple, to over-simplify very complex ideas and situations, because of a feeling of lack of time and desire to understand. I don't think I "know everything." I am making wild attempts at putting together pieces of a large puzzle.

What is Common to All People? (My Guess)

All people have an insatiable desire for growth and comfort: physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The Gist of Major Religions

Moses is the central figure of the Old Testament (Torah), Jesus of the New Testament, and Mohammed of the Koran.

For some reason, adherents to each of these faiths cannot agree upon what God really said or meant.

However, he point of Judaism seems to me to be to follow God's Commandments as Written in the Bible (Torah). The point of Christianity seems to me to be to Love Your Neighbor as Yourself. The point of Islam seems to me to be to prepare for the Awesome Final Hour When All Are Judged by Allah (God).

The point of Hinduism seems to me to be to feel Your Self as the Spirit of the Universe. The point of Buddhism seems to me to be to Disengage from Suffering, Evaporate, and Never Come Back Again (Reincarnate).

I am an ignorant simpleton; forgive me if I have offended anyone.

First Three Propositions in Euclid's Elements

Euclid's Elements is the second most popular book in history. The Bible is first. Euclid's elements are the basis of science and engineering, the beginnings of our modern understanding of space and time. EVERYONE can agree that what Euclid said was reasonable given his definitions, postulates, and common notions.

Body Postures for Falling and Rising Emotionally

I am not an expert at anything.

However, when you RAISE your arms in victory or joy, you are preparing the body-mind-spirit to go DOWN, because that is the direction remaining. When you LOWER YOURSELF by bowing or supplicating yourself on the ground, you are preparing the body-mind-spirit to go UP, because that is the direction remaining.

Rebalance App (also called Rebalance My Energies App)

The Rebalance App is also called Rebalance My Energies. It is a form of Energy Healing through simple movements. It was written by Kevin Wacknov, student of Tai Chi Master Anthony Wong.

This method uses hands as momentum vectors to lower the activation energy for changing emotional-behavioral spaces in the originally balanced individual human experience spheroid.

The spaces model is based upon the TCM Water-Wood-Fire-Earth-Metal 5 elements with the addition of the 5 Social You-Me-World-God-Space elements, for a total of 10 Major Experience Elements.

These 10 Major Experience Elements can be motioned to by the left hand, the right hand, or both hands for a total of 30 postures.

When using the app the elements are chosen semi-randomly with the same kind of cosmic choosing that I Ching coin tossing is based on. This video gives you a feel of the state transitions you can experience by using the app.

Of course, it seems like bullshit at first, but once you calm down from Standard American Consciousness and Anger several orders of magnitude, you can clearly feel the state transitions within yourself and accept the healing they provide.

Ten States Hand Gestures

This is an easy way to remember and "get into" 10 distinct states of consciousness without drugs or alcohol.

Human Evolution in 3 Pictures

In a very short cosmic time, humans have 1) been inspired by fire, 2) learned math and physics, 3) build the modern world infrastructure.

Animals' Responses to Intrusion

When animals sense that their territory is being invaded or intruded upon, they have five different responses:

  1. Response Option A: I will do my little routine that is called for, and stop when the pressure stops.
  2. Response Option B: I'll stiffen up and not let the intruder past my boundary.
  3. Response Option C: I'll get out of the way by leaving the area.
  4. Response Option D: I will meet the visitor half-way and engage in the same activity he or she is presenting to me.
  5. Response Option E: I will relax into the simplicity of awareness, eventually returning to what I was doing.
  6. This information from Stuart Heller, 7th Dan Kenpo Karate, 2018-01-22.

The Basic Movement Options

You can shift a physical ball up, down, back, front, left, and right (3 or 6 options), and rotate it in the three great circles both directions (3 or 6 more options).

You can shift your awareness energy toward or away from a place (3 or 6 options) or rotate it in circular paths through body quadrants (many options which approach the 12 Chinese Medicine meridians, or the barrel hoops along cylindrical vertical body axis.

You can move your awareness energy around the room or outside you from one elemental ring to the next, ...

You can go within to the sounds the organs and bones make when your awareness energy passes through them...

You can move your awareness into the black space behind you which becomes the dream space...

You can move your awareness energy down below your feet which becomes your "unconscious underwear" and possibly connects to God or The Sage...

You can move your awareness up above your head to disappear into Heaven or Crown Chakra Land or something...

Or you can interrelate with another person and experience all of those things...

So I guess one should practice all the movement options each practice session, right?

Awareness of Awareness the "Solution" to the Collapsing Ecosystem Problem?

Life has many elements, or components, but the strongest of these is "fire," "desire," or "burning." You know, you consume more raw materials from the earth than products or services you give back.

I have known many spiritual people and technical people and no one has had an answer to "how do people keep from destroying everything on the surface of the planet?"

So, what can a concerned person do? Be aware of being aware. It is still a "fiery" state, being aware of your body burning calories to maintain awareness. But it has an innocence to it and removes some guilt for being the aggressive people we all are.

There are many methods for clinging onto states of "being aware of being aware," and basically you just hop from one to the other.

A good one that does not require a lot of repetition of internal slogans and mantras is the body scan from the Mind Body Awareness Tool. You scan your body up and down in a matter of seconds or a minute per sweep. It's like the slow part-by-part insight practices but sped up to more normal consciousness speeds.

Methods for Self Improvement

Affirmations are important and Kevin's favorite way of doing it is to use the Voice Affirmations app or the Affirmations Timer app and repeat an affirmation every minute for an hour during normal activities or while going to sleep.


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