Kevin Wacknov


I write apps and videos to help people recover their basic divine sensibilities. I am impressed with the capabilities that all people have.

My favourite app for exercise, mental structure, and relaxation is the Grounding App.

My most popular video to relieve soreness in muscles, tendons, and joints is the Yi Jing Jing animation.

My favourite video meditation for mental clarity, guilt relief, and finding purpose in life is the Villy Doctor Chakra Meditation.


-- Websites -- Body Awareness Feels Good

CalmDownAndFocus .com: Ideas and Activities 8 Apps

YouTube Channel Tai Chi



My Understanding of What is Going On

  1. The Basic Situation
  2. Learning Language
  3. Practicing Language
  4. Influencing and Being Influenced
  5. How Things Behave
  6. Analysis of the Mind-Body Balancing
  7. Analysis of the Sensation of Being Alive
  8. Boundaries
  9. Energies: Potential, Kinetic, and Mass (Existential)
  10. Summary of My Current Understanding