These apps and videos are meant to help you feel more present in your body,
explore your internal (and external) states, and feel better about yourself.

Before you look around, why don't you ground yourself by watching this 1 minute video? Thank you.

I am very shy and introverted by nature, but I feel good about
sharing the information I have studied with others,
so this is my way of doing it.

Affirmations Timer Logo Affirmations Timer Spiritual people believe that what they think comes true, even if only in part. So, the more you hear yourself affirming what you want, the more you get that. Take some time to come up with deep, powerful affirmations for your life. It is a fun practice to get into.
Body Mind Awareness Tool Icon Body Mind Spirit Exercise There are six exercises combined in this app. Each lasts 3-10 minutes and helps you get into a particular whole person (body+mind+spirit) goal: Friendliness, Groundedness, Knowingness, Flowingness (nimbleness), Nourishment (taking care of your own needs), and Balance (in which all aspects of your life get equal time and energy).

Mind Body Awareness Tool Icon

Mind Body Awareness Tool Have you heard the expressions "Head focused person," "Heart focused person," or "grounded person"? You can change, for a short time, the center of your own body focus on by using this app. It really works!
YouTube Icon Kevin's YouTube channel Most of my videos come from my apps. Some are of me doing tai chi and qigong. There are also video series of Stephanie Lacarruba, Acupuncturist, and the artwork of my parents, Myrna and Jerry Wacknov.
Tai Chi information Information about Tai Chi, which means "oscillating between extremes." So in Tai Chi, you learn to not be bi-polar when conditions change rapidly from good to bad or bad to good. You learn to make small changes in your life so as to not get carried away by the external or internal events.
Kevin's schizophrenia page I have had adult-onset Schizophrenia since 2002, and in my desire to achieve peace and understanding of myself and others, I wrote the apps and made the videos in this series. I hope you enjoy them! I have tested them in workshops, so I know you certainly don't have to have any illnesses to benefit from them.

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