Kevin Wacknov
kwacknov AT prodigy DOT net

I am not a very special person, but after experimenting and seeking, I have found that there are three models of internal spiritual structure that make all beings very special:

A) Location Arrangement of Experiences: Chakras, Dan Tians, Western Medicine's Organs, and "Stuart Heller type" Axis Models.

B) Cyclic Time Arrangement of Experiences: Yin-yang, easy-hard, seasonal, daily, and five-element time cycles.

C) "Eternal" Here-and-Now States: Including 1) whole-body meditations, 2) where the "I" viewer "camera" can change location from "behind by eyes", such as Deep Parabola, OBE, "being" other people, and 3) the frequency-based "law of attraction" type of experiences.

All beings are in a large field of interacting events, and the three biggest "players" in the field are 1) God (however you want to describe that being), 2) somewhat random, somewhat predictable, current events, and 3) the "individual," i.e., you to you and me to me.


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