Kevin Wacknov's Summary



I prefer the meditative world of "vibrations" where there are no "things," but I have learned to live in the world of Men and Women in my own way. I believe in Spirit, God, and also in science.

My latest new mental-physical-spiritual tool is an imagined gear that rotates oscillating left and right. It's not really new, but an old understanding of the Chakra System. A gear could be at any location and be any size. My body (all parts), my mind, and my spirit all use such gears to keep my total self functioning as a connected whole. When I am with another person, the gear enlarges so I am engaged with what that person is talking about.

Mathematics teaches us that with any change, there is always something that is preserved, that does not change, that is invariant. The things that do not change are called Principles, Centers, or Stable Ideas. I try to "hold on" to the principles more than the changing aspects of reality.

I studied math and computers at Stanford and now teach Tai Chi. I think of myself more of a student than a teacher of Tai Chi and mindful movement. I write apps and videos to help people experience, feel, and hold on to the principles of thought, energy, and movement. The more people sink down into the level of the varied principles of the world, the healthier and better they become.

My favourite app for well-being is SAGE- Spirit And Ground Energy. It also helps people relax while meditating and even to relax before sleep.

My most popular video to relieve soreness in muscles, tendons, and joints is the Yi Jing Jing animation. Doing this nearly every day keeps the body stiffness away.

My favourite video meditation for mental clarity, guilt relief, and finding purpose in life is the Villy Doctor Chakra Meditation. It is taught by Shiraz at the Foster City Library once a week.

I ask forgiveness if I have hurt anyone with my apps, videos, words, or actions. I also ask forgiveness if I have confused anyone, misled them, or wasted their time. I feel I should keep trying to help even though nothing I can do is ever perfect.

An incomplete list of many of my teachers, influences, and inspirational people can be found by clicking this link. It's the people who live their lives to teach and practice the deep principles that inspires me the most. Also, spirit guides influence me a lot.

--Kevin Wacknov



The Human Energy Principles I Think Help in a Rapidly Changing World

These are called Human Energy Principles not because they make you hyper but because they allow the richness of human variety to not get crushed by routine.

Think -- but Also Spend a Lot of Time Sensing

Sensing is the step before thinking in words to oneself and others. It is the rich soil from which new ideas and behaviors emerge from the changing environment.

Do Meditative Movement Daily

Slow movement wherein one is searching for the postures and keeping continuous movement-pausing-movement is important just like strength training is important.

Eat Vegetables

Low energy foods that grow close to the ground are what the body likes best.

Drink Lots of Water

The body is > 50% water.

One More Thing Is Important But It Cannot Be Specified

Keep a lookout in dark corners of consciousness for important things emerging.