Kevin Wacknov's Information

I make apps and videos to help you access your deep, important thoughts and information more easily and directly. My sources can be found here.

Here's a good method for accessing your deep instructions to yourself without apps or videos: drink a cup of coffee, shut your eyes, and for 10 minutes (timed) think the mantra, "What does the genius in that cup of coffee want a faithful follower like me to do now?"

After you get that nugget of inspiration, you might want to repeat it back to yourself once a minute for 10 minutes or so. An app like My Mantras (iOS) or Voice Affirmations (Android) will help you hold onto that inspiration nugget for longer while you integrate the information in your mind or carry out the instruction to yourself in the world.



My favourite app for well-being is SAGE- Spirit And Ground Energy. It helps you wake up your body, get mindful exercise, and relax.

My most popular video to relieve soreness in muscles, tendons, and joints is the Yi Jing Jing animation. Doing this nearly every day keeps the body stiffness away.

My favourite video meditation for mental clarity, guilt relief, and finding purpose in life is the Villy Doctor Chakra Meditation. It is taught by Shiraz at the Foster City Library once a week. The most important mantra from it is: "I am pure and wise because I seek pure information (not power, sex, fame, or money)." Repeat it 3 times slowly to yourself while touching your sacrum (the lower part of your spine between your butt cheeks in the back.)

I ask forgiveness if I have hurt anyone with my apps, videos, words, or actions. I also ask forgiveness if I have confused anyone, misled them, or wasted their time. I feel I should keep trying to help even every thing I do is far from perfect.



Here's something else which is interesting:

a) "God is One."

b) so God = 1.

c) of course, Kevin < God

d) so, Kevin < 1.

e) which means, that compared with God, I am less than one year old, or something like that. It certainly means I am less that whole without guidance from God.


Thanks for visiting,

--Kevin Wacknov