Kevin Wacknov, researcher

Videos for specific problems
(interpersonal, physical, psychic, religous)

Affirmations Timer Logo Affirmations Timer Spiritual people believe that what they think comes true, even if only in part. So, the more you hear yourself affirming what you want, the more you get that. Take some time to come up with deep, powerful affirmations for your life. It is a fun practice to get into.

Mind Body Awareness Tool Icon

Mind Body Awareness Tool Have you heard the expressions "Head focused person," "Heart focused person," or "grounded person"? You can change, for a short time, the center of focus of your own body by using this app. Straight forward and effective.
Body Mind Awareness Tool Icon Body Mind Spirit Exercise There are six exercise routines combined within this app. Each lasts 3-10 minutes and helps you get into a healthy state: Friendliness, Groundedness, Knowingness, Flowingness (nimbleness), Nourishment (taking care of your own needs), and Balance.
YouTube Icon Kevin's YouTube channel There are video series of Tai Chi, meditation, Acupuncturist Stephanie Lacarruba, and my parents.
Tai Chi information Information about Tai Chi, which means "oscillating between extremes," and not losing your balance.
Kevin's schizophrenia page What works for me with regards to this disease.

About Myself:

I am interested in how my perspective can change quickly, but then return to a central focus. Other people seem to be like this, too. I might have a good idea, then it fades without becoming a part of my life. So my apps and videos are meant to capture some special ideas and help them become more real for me, and hopefully, other people too.

My parents (Myrna and Gerald) thought I was "too impressionable" in high school, but I learned a lot from different kinds of people. In college I studied computers and math, but kept in the back of my mind the idea that "science is a very well-defined reality, but everyone has different version of reality."

After college I programmed computers for 13 years, but then succumbed to adult-onset schizophrenia. I had to leave work, but I was lucky enough to be able to slowly return to school and study graphics.

I tried making websites for a while, but I got tired of making expressive formats for other people's information. I wanted to dig into my own experiences and present my own information.

So from 2012-2017 (today) I have been making little apps and videos to share my strategies for living in a world where everyone has a slightly different version of reality, but everyone has to (or is more comfortable when they do) get along. I hope you enjoy my apps and videos.