Kevin Wacknov's Toolbox

1 Personal Research Kevin's Research The tools in this toolbox help you decode for yourself what different energy sensations are about.
2 Mind Body Awareness Tool Mind Body Awareness Tool online The first step is "holding" a specific feeling in your body.
3 Mantra Timer Mantra Timer page You can use this tool to ask yourself questions or remind yourself of specific ideas or feelings many times.
4 Tai Chi My page at the Jewish Community Center Tai Chi website These individual feelings can be sequenced into an exercise routine, such as Tai Chi...
5 YouTube videos Kevin's YouTube videos ...or into one of various kinds of movement meditations.
6 Inner Kung Fu Game Inner Kung Fu Game website Use this app to do a 30-minute exercise routine or play the "Directional Awareness Game" IKFG with your computer.
7 3D Printable Figurines Standing Meditation Figurine page These 3" high figurines ($20 ea. mailorder) impart a meditative mood to your room or desk.
8 Schizophrenia Kevin's schizophrenia page ...Do these exercises give you Schizophrenia or Mental Illness? No, they are a healthy alternative to mania.

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