Kevin Wacknov

I'm not a genius or a great artist, but I can connect a few dots of experience:

Connecting the Spiritual Dots...

this... (image) has to do with...
center of the galaxy a big black whole
the Sun life-giving energy for Earth
the Earth

a life-support platform in which all layers -- atmostphere, biosphere, crust, magma, core -- are moving with respect to each other

the Moon creates the twice-daily tides
the Root Chakra

Getting a job.

Being nice.

Eating vegetables.

the Second Chakra Allowing romanitc feelings.
the Third Chakra

Tai Chi.

Weight lifting.

the Fourth Chakra Zen Buddhism
the Fifth Chakra Talking to people.
the Sixth Chakra Accepting what you see to be real in some sense.
the Seventh Chakra "It may not make utter sense, but it seems to be true."
God God could be anything or everything.